What recipes are there for truffles?

Truffle dishes or menus are among the exclusive delicacies that are available. Because the truffle aroma is on the upper floor of our human pleasure experience. The truffle scent wants to seduce and beguile you without harassing you. Therefore, what role you give it in your diet.
The truffle comes into its own when it comes to a light base. For example pasta, polenta, egg dishes, potatoes, sweet potatoes and risotto, also with hard cheese or smoked meat.
Truffle oil or truffle pesto
It goes well with vegetables and salads such as zucchini salad, asparagus, zucchini, cauliflower, corn, pumpkin or all kinds of mushrooms.
Truffle with its mysterious aroma is an ideal starting point to try.
One thing is for sure, we will always succeed in conjuring up an exclusive taste experience with truffle aroma.